Death/Black/Thrash metal from Sweden.
The band, or perhaps more appropriately - the project, was formed in the early 90s by Terror.
The music style has evolved from raw primitive thrash/black in the early years to later more raw death/black/thrash metal.
In the early years, the project was called Grave Desecrator and a few simple demos were recorded of which several songs were later re-recorded on the debut album such as "Nocturnal Sacrifice", "Deathwitch" and "Under the Black Wings". Then the project changed its name to Deathwitch and recorded some more demos with songs that were later re-recorded on the first two albums.

As for the lyrics, they are simple and primitive and quite influenced by some early Bathory and Sarcófago and similar bands.

The core lineup of the first two albums were Terror (Runemagick etc) and Reaper (Death Breath, Runemagick etc). Several lineup changes have occurred over the years and the rest is history...

The project is dead since 2005.



More re-releases in the works!


Triumphant Devastation and Dawn of Armageddon both released on vinyl for the first time by Iron Bonehead Productions.
Order here!
Hail to Iron Bonehead for doing this vinyl release!!!


Dawn of Armageddon CD re-released by Trauma Records.


Triumphant Devastation CD re-released by Trauma Records.


None at the moment

Discography and eras

Ancient era - the demo years

Demo 1 - 1991 (as Grave Desecrator)
Demo 2 - 1993 (as Grave Desecrator)
Demo 3 - 1993
Demo 4 - 1994

First era - first albums, new logo

Triumphant Devastation - album 1995/1996 Desecration Records, Necropolis Records
Dawm of Armageddon - album 1996/1997 Desecration Records, Necropolis Records

Second era - new lineup, new logo

The Ultimate Death - album 1998 Necropolis Records
Monumental Mutilations - album 1999 Necropolis Records

Third era - new lineup again and label change

Deathfuck Rituals - album 2002 Hellspawn Records

Fourth era - new lineup again and label change

Violence Blasphemy Sodomy - album 2004 Wicked World

Fifth era - death of the project

"A Final Gasp of Vomit" - 2005 (unreleased EP session)

Sixth era - the unknown...

No plans for new recordings at the moment. Might change, might not...


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Under The Flag Of Black Death